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Powerful Heart Medicine

uplifting heartbreak songs playlist

Heartbreak Hotel’s Best Breakup Songs help you let go of Sadness and Anger. Find Forgiveness. Build Strength to Move On.

Home Alone

music for sadness loneliness depression

Howling Lonely melts depression and anxiety. Helps you cry at night, while also healing your sadness. This is a beautiful playlist for driving in the rain.

Take the Plunge

music for being afraid to get married

Once Burned Twice Shy. You’ve Fallen in Love Again but Feel Afraid To Commit? Let Cold Feet Warm Heart Restore Your Mojo, and Get You Psyched for Romance.

Relaxation Station

blissful euphoric Spotify playlist

Unwind. Focus. Rise above your troubles. Float into Daydreams. Enjoy euphoria. Prepare for Sleep with NeoClassical Bliss.

Get Pumped

running jogging Spotify playlist

120 bpm Relaxed, Strong and Steady Running or Jogging playlist helps keep up your pace. The Inspiring Songs are also good for a mood-lift any time.

Cool Off

funny songs about computer job stress

Keep Technical Difficulties handy as a remedy for insanity during any Computer Crash, Social Media Crisis or Tech Fail.

World Fusion

global world music international fusion

Bored. Restless. Can’t find anything new? World Fusion Music gets you moving, freshens a long drive, and gives you energy.

Deep Nature

weird dark beautiful Spotify playlist

Sometimes you just want to sink into a rabbit hole. Beautiful. Dark. Stranger than a Road Trip. Exquisitely Supranatural.

Crack Me Up

Irish comedy songs Spotify playlist

Enjoy a good Irish-laugh with Fresh Celtic Comedy. NeoTraditional songs tickle people of all ages and persuasions.

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