Curator’s Private Reserve


Private Reserve means that hardly anybody knows about these playlists, because we don’t publicize them. Nor do we solicit submissions for them. They are created just for our own pleasure, with no effort invested into polishing them for mass consumption. Partly, they are created to help us find enjoyable music which, for various reasons, is not saved on our other playlists. Also, they are created to help us preserve fond memories.

Our Private Reserve is open to the Public, and you are Welcome to Partake if these genres Whet Your Whistle.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you if things sound a little strange…

These are HARD to find. SAVE your favorites.

World Music Fusion Overflow

Keepers retired from our World Music Fusion playlist, to make space for new music. This playlist is a bit folkier than World Music Fusion.

Celtic on Repeat

Beautiful. Intoxicating. Polyrhythmic Trance Music that sounds better every time you listen.


For hardcore surf rock fanatics. Sixty-eight versions of one great tune. Seriously.


Playlist created by a 14-year old Anime fanatic (not RAM). Various ethnic elements are fused with pop, rock and orchestral styles to create highly-polished storytelling music.



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