Work, Media & Job Stress Bug Off!

Yoga, exercise, chocolate, professional counseling…all great ways to prevent technology from driving you crazy, but when you’re on a tight deadline…


Just Press Play and Smile While You Work

Playlists to SAVE for Dealing with STRESS ATTACKS

Relief from Computer Stress

computer user stress relief

Computer crashed again? Ignored on Facebook? Vent some anger by plugging your ears into this emotional outlet. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES reboots your mojo with uplifting and funny songs.

Relax Your Brain

blissful stress release music

NEOCLASSICAL BLISS induces euphoria, to keep you calm at work, while cooking, or while you unwind during the evening.

Burn Off Frustration

detox uplifting exercise music

120 bpm RUNNING PLAYLIST pumps you up for a lunchtime workout. Dance in the break room. Boogie in your seat. Or just listen through earbuds while they think you’re paying attention to the meeting.



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