911 Emotional Support

No one understands. Whom can you trust? Why isn’t time healing your pain?

Powerful music can help you beat Depression when it comes from the heart..


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Playlists you can SAVE Now and SINK IN Later

Howling Lonely

lonely music for suicide prevention

Sad, Angry, Healing, and Inspiring Songs Help You Recover From Depression, Anxiety and Social Isolation. This is a beautiful playlist for driving in the rain. Scroll down song titles to find sections that match your own situation.

Aching Heart

healing breakup songs playlist

Heartbreak Hotel’s Best Breakup Songs help you Cry, Recover and Stop Feeling Angry. Embrace the Beauty. Remember the Pain. Find Forgiveness. Groan, Laugh and Build Strength to Move On.

Scared to Commit

scared to love again

Once Burned Twice Shy. You’ve Fallen in Love Again but now you’ve got Trust Issues? Restore Your Mojo. Get Psyched for Romance.

Additional Resources for Emotional Support

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