Get Over It and Find True Love

Quit feeling frustrated, because today you can finally get over missing your Ex. Or maybe, you can at least quit hating the ground they walk on. Either way, it’s time to move on. Even if you still love them (or don’t), it’s time to make peace with not having that person in your life any more.

Starting Today, you can get over any Fear that’s been Holding You Back

Has a fear of rejection been preventing you from entering a new relationship? Quit feeling afraid and dive on in. It’s time to get Passionate! Remember how much you enjoy falling in Love? That’s right, hooking up is a hoot. And there IS still someone out there who will love you for who you are. But first, you need to make peace with your past. That’s how these beautiful playlists can help…


SAVE and LISTEN for Help with Moving Forward.

Cold Feet Warm Heart

Once Burned Twice Shy. You’ve Fallen in Love Again but now you have Trust Issues? Restore Your Mojo. Get Psyched for Romance.

Heartbreak Hotel

Empowering and Passionate Emotional Release. Forgive. Smile. Build Strength to Move On.



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