New Spins on the Best Road Trip Playlists

Blinding sunrise. Air-conditioned heat. Roaring semis slap your car sideways. Soft-serve ice cream melts like a mirage. Caffeine-high wilts into jitters. Your cage becomes an oven. Dusk fills the Interstate with flickering headlights. The K.O.A. is still 2 hours away. It’s time whip out your Best Road Trip Playlists… 




Something completely different, for niche-music lovers who think they’ve heard everything. High-energy, lots of variety, and full of surprises.


When you’re enjoying the scenery, but feeling restless…sink into these dark and eccentric songs about Nature.

Howling Lonely

Truck drivers and traveling salespeople know you don’t need to be single in order to appreciate lonely music. This beautiful playlist will make your heart soar. Best for driving at night, and in the rain.

Fresh Celtic Comedy

Comedy in general is an excellent “pill” for staying awake, but more so when the songs are completely unfamiliar, and they encourage you to sing!

Concept Albums also make great playlists!

Dark Side of the Moon and The White Album, pull over to the right. Sometimes we need fresh entertainment to keep us wide awake and alert…

Dreams and Nightmares

An instrumental masterpiece by solo recording artist Just Nathaniel. Especially good for giving yourself enjoyable good bumps during a late-night commute.

Stark Raving Celtic

Emotional, ferocious, and quite unusual. Charmas takes you on a rare adventure, from Days of Old in Ireland and Scotland to Modern Celtic Fusion.

Epiphanies of a Dying Man

Intense. Beautiful. Profound. Not a party on wheels. This playlist is best enjoyed alone, when you’re in the right mood.

Progressive Rock Vision Quest

Experiential, existential, highly absorbent, slightly symphonic, high-intensity instrumental math journey.

Solid State

Trippy, old school rock journey by lyrical genius Jonathan Coulton.

Kites Are Fun

The quintessential Hippie Trippy and Family Favorite singalong playlist. Back in the day, this was our go-to album for feeling good!

And don’t forget about Audiobooks! Spotify has a big selection, which have propelled us through countless long road trips.



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