I want an Immunity Boost for COVID-19

Vitamin C, hand-sanitizer, celery, extra sleep…while stocking up on health supplements and trying to improve your daily habits, have you considered what’s going into your ears? Scientific studies confirm that…

Music you love gives you an Immunity Boost

Why? Oxytocin. Endorphins. Improved blood circulation. Emotional Release. Stress reduction. Better sleep.

Playlists you can SAVE for a Daily Immunity Boost.

NeoClassical Bliss

Hearing this playlist inspired a 94-year old widow to burst into a love song for her deceased husband. Then, the next day, it revived her from a bout of depression, back to enthusiastically working on her art projects. Bliss is powerful!

Relaxing Harp, Flute and Cello

(not made by Red Alert)

Another beautiful music collection, with more of an old-world feel and lots of tinkly harps and strings. Slightly melancholic (not always blissful) but very relaxing.

Howling Lonely

Best playlist for anyone feeling so sad or depressed that you just need to sink into your loneliness and cry, because this beautiful playlist is also uplifting and will gradually help you to heal and feel better.

(not made by Red Alert)

Energy boosting, adrenaline-pumping, mood lifting Pop Music. Great for jogging and keeping your spirits high.



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