Playlists that Take You Higher

Playlists that get your blood pumping, touch your heart and help you smile is just one way to describe Red Alert Music. Our building process starts with cherry-picking the best uplifting songs and instrumental niche-music from independent music artists. Then the real magic begins…

“…(your playlist) helped me get through a rough night.” – Reddit listener

We Dig Deep

Because We Are Free to Choose

Being an independent music curator means we can freely share songs too personal for pop music and too detailed for most commercial outlets. These songs come from rising indie artists who are free to publish raw, intimate, emotional songs that reach into your heart and find the beauty in real life.

Meet Songwriter Kate Vogel

Kate’s hauntingly beautiful voice and penetrating lyrics bring honest emotions into the daylight. Find her new songs on Howling Lonely, Cold Feet Warm Heart, and Heartbreak Hotel’s Best Breakup Songs.

Fresh Music discovered in 2019

Creativity is our Passion

High-energy folk-ethnic fusion and beautiful neoclassical music are two of our addictions. We respect classy dinner jazz and old school rock-and-roll, but our biggest passions include anything we can enjoy on repeat, and the more progressive the better.

Meet Composer Nathaniel Rateliff

Nathaniel is a chameleon among geniuses, equally as comfortable composing and performing neoclassical music as writing contemporary songs. Find his new songs on Howling Lonely and NeoClassical Bliss.

Fresh Music discovered in 2019

And Here’s How We Give It More Juice

Great playlists make fantastic music sound even better. Red Alert Music carefully arranges the keys, energy and transitions of every track that goes into our playlists, in order to give you continuous pleasure. And when it comes to building song playlists, we carefully arrange every song to form a larger story which transcends each individual song and takes on greater meaning. By taking the time to do this…

We build Epic Stories About You

Listening to these emotional journeys can literally change your life.

The Longer You Listen, the Better You Can Feel!

Awesome! But Why Can’t I Find this Music On My Own?